graypants pendant scraplight Moon_10 Graypants

Design made of recycled cardboard: this pendant lamp from graypants is sustainably designed and hand made in Holland. graypants scraplights can be discovered in hotels like The Ion in Iceland.
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Product Description


This small moon scraplight is made entirely from recycled cardboard and was designed with a commitment to sustainability by the graypants design studio in Seattle.

Each lampshade is handmade and therefore has distinctive characteristics in both size and shape. The Moon_10 has an approximate diameter of 26 cm and a height of 22 cm, so is one of the smaller graypants hanging lamps.

The multi-layered body of the Moon_10 provides a soft, decorative light, which is ideal for business or residential premises. All fixtures are supplied as standard with a 2m black cable plus a matching coated ceiling rose.

graypants is a design studio with offices in Seattle and Amsterdam, dedicated to sustainable design and social responsibility. Their slogan is: a responsible life can - and should - be beautiful.

Many hotels are enthusiastic about this philosophy, such as the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel in Selfoss (Iceland) or the Mara Hotel in Ilmenau (Germany). There's no need to travel to the moon to enjoy the fine light of graypants Moon_10 pendant scraplight!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery time 5 - 7 Tage
Product type Lampe
Lamp type Deckenlampe
Material Karton
Colour brown
Brand Graypants
More Info

Durchmesser: 26 cm

Höhe: 22 cm

aus recyceltem Karton

inkl. 2 m langem Kabel und Decken-Armatur

max. 40 Watt

Gewicht: 1,4 kg


Hotel location Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel (Selfoss), Mara Hotel (Ilmenau)


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