The porcelain of top chefs, now available for the home

TAFELSTERN is the brand of aspiring international restaurants and hotels. It stands for passionate tableware that delights with constant new inspirations around the dinner table. Thanks to uncompromising quality and unparalleled service, TAFELSTERN enjoys the great trust and loyalty of customers around the world.

Served on TAFELSTERN porcelain, a variety of dining ideas always cut an excellent figure. The clarity of the design provides a flexible outfit to suit every occasion. Collections of different styles make up the product portfolio - the charm of pure elegance, innovative, functional style, multifunctional elements that meet changing needs at the dinner table. The creative porcelain collections of TAFELSTERN offer the culinary director ideal conditions to stage their gourmet delights in a varied and refined manner.

As a trendsetter in the industry, TAFELSTERN sets the tone. The TAFELSTERN product philosophy is based on a simple but ingenious idea: the TAFELSTERN modular system. All tableware items are made of white hard porcelain and can be freely combined. This means: Everything matches everything. Depending on needs and wishes, all designs can be innovatively combined across the different ranges. Creativity knows no boundaries.

All TAFELSTERN porcelain goods are 100% made in Germany and are manufactured exclusively in German locations, in Europe’s most modern porcelain production sites. Only first-class raw materials are used, with strict inspections of the incoming goods. Hence the hard porcelain is produced to premium quality. Fired at about 1400°C, it gets its hard, thick glaze which gives it high cutting and scratch resistance, high chip resistance and longevity.

The high heat storage capacity, dishwasher resistance and suitability for microwaves and grills makes TAFELSTERN porcelain a real winner, with exceptional functionality. At the same time TAFELSTERN meets the most stringent environmental requirements worldwide and treats raw materials, energy and the environment respectfully. The robust porcelain is created as a natural product purely out of minerals such as kaolin. It can be reused for decades and even after the end of its service life it does not pose an environmental burden either to ground, water or air.