KPM - Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur

White gold

KPM in Berlin is one of Europe's oldest porcelain makers. For over 250 years KPM has been producing porcelain with the most sophisticated craftsmanship. Represented in international design collections, KPM’s timeless aesthetic and highest quality has many admirers. Since the founding of the factory by Frederick the Great, the cobalt-blue scepter has stood as the trademark for handcrafted luxury, stylish design and enduring values.

Craftsmanship de luxe

Heavenly decorations such as gold, flowers, fruits, animal and landscape motifs are painted on by freehand. Through this artistic freedom, every masterpiece is unique. Numerous working processes and stringent quality controls must be passed before the porcelain is marked with the famous cobalt blue scepter.

Clear lines

State-of-the-art porcelain designs created in every era still inspire today, such as the KURLAND series from 1790. The spirit of Bauhaus design has been present in the factory since 1930, creating the perfect symbiosis between form and function with designs such as URBINO. The iF design award- winning service BERLIN by Enzo Mari opens up new avenues.

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