Design from the hip

graypants is a concept design studio which creates sustainable products, architecture and other things which are fun, worldwide. The studio was founded in 2008 by Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle, who met as college roommates in Ohio, ventured to Seattle together to pursue their architectural careers (in the middle of the recession) and finally discovered their dream of their own project. Of course at the time they were’re bound to have guessed what …means.

Social Conscience

Today graypants has conquered the world chiefly by presenting its handmade scraplights consisting of recycled cardboard, and has offices in both Seattle and Amsterdam. graypants has teamed up with a social work organization in the Netherlands and helps to employ workers from these institutions. Disabled people learn something about recycling while they improve their handcrafts skills. The ethical production is just as important for graypants as the designs themselves.

Beauty from trash

graypants has a story to tell about responsibility for our environment in unique and creative ways. In their endeavours, they combine this story with designer lighting. Creating something beautiful from trash by completely changing its original structure. Responsible life can - and should - be beautiful.

graypants stands for sustainable design. Sustainable materials. Sustainable production.