The famous horseshoe

The trademark originates from 1950, when the Hungarian Etienne Aigner presented his exclusive collection of steamer trunks made of genuine leather to the public in New York. It was a huge success. In the 1960s the German Aigner license went to a Munich-based company. To date, the famous trademark stands for the best quality worldwide.

Perfection in every detail

The traditional craftsmanship of every Aigner product stands for lasting values. Aigner mastered the art of producing classics, such as the distinctive saddle bag or doctor's bag. The collection expanded to shoes, scarves and ties. In 1975 the company entered the cosmetics market and in 1990, the fashion world of men and women.


Aigner’s discerning customers appreciate its pure & timeless design and the hint of sex appeal it always exudes. This can also be found in the numerous lines of cosmetics from Aigner. "Etienne Aigner" is an elegantly sensual fragrance that reflects the art of living. For a confident target group there is "Aigner Black" with its characteristic scent. The invigorating skin care range "Aigner Parfums" combines light, colour and optimism with fresh citrus notes. Take pleasure in the unique care products for men and women in popular hotel sizes. Exclusively available on